HOAX ALERT: Vaccine Feedback Call WhatsApp Message

A WhatsApp message is now making its rounds claiming that phones will get hacked if the victim answers the call and follows the instruction given. The message, believed to originate from India, informs about receiving a call from the number “912250041117” for vaccine feedback and upon pressing 1, the phone will be blocked and hacked.

A press release from the Hyderabad Cybercrime Police Department confirmed that the WhatsApp message is a hoax and have advised recipients of the message to not panic.

The message reads:
"Beware of a new scam:
Just now my friend received a call from 912250041117 asking him to press 1 if he had vaccinated. He pressed 1. Immediately the phone was blocked ? and his phone has been hacked. So be careful when you get similar calls. Be alert. Also inform all senior citizens and friends."


  • Unnecessary panic and worry amongst the community 


  • Delete and ignore the forwarded message.
  • Do not forward information without reliable sources, even if they offer rewards in return. 
  • Do not reply to any suspicious messages from unknown numbers. 
  • Block unknown or suspicious numbers. 
  • Ensure the operating system of your device is updated. 
  • Frequently update the antivirus or anti-spyware on your device